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photo competition third

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

June 2011: Third place with this photo on the Amateur Photographer Magazine competition themed 'me watching me'.

These were the Editors comments:

Mike is becoming a regular on the winner's podium in these competitions, and its pictures like this that get him there. Sure, it's a cute baby picture, but Mike's shot really captures the curiosity that children have for their own reflections. Despite the title I'm sure the picture does not depict Mike, but it does suggest the baby knows the reflection is its own – I wonder if it does. Perhaps it thinks it is another child, or even something it has seen on TV. Photographically Mike has managed to find a nice bright room to take the shot, and the well reflected backlighting makes for a three dimensional baby with clearly formed features. It's a great picture and one that can be appreciated even if you're not the baby's mother

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