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Photo competition win

August 2010: This photo of my son with chicken pox won first prize in the Amateur Photographer magazine monthly competition themed 'Only Human' and was printed in the Christmas edition of the magazine.

Here is what the editor said...

This really is not an easy competition to win, and with the strength of this month's challengers you'd need to pull something pretty special out of the hat to take the first prize. Amazingly, mike has done just that, with this incredibly powerful portrait that shows the arrogance of man combined with his susceptibility to the will of nature. It shows strength and weakness in one, power and affliction, beauty and horror. It also, though I'm not sure this is the intension, makes me laugh. We can laugh because, although we know chicken pox is pretty unpleasant, this young boy is not about to die of it. I don't know if that hair is gelled or not, but the impression is that beyond the pox this lad is ready to go out for the night. He has a straight-on defiance in his expression, and a massive amount of self-confidence, as though he is usually a strong and powerful character. Even kings catch a cold, and here a great warrior has been struck down by an ugly, encompassing, but ultimately harmless, disease. No matter who or what you are, you are, after all, only human. And this picture says it all. I think it is a work of brilliance, and I want a print for my wall. Well done, Mike.

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